Key-values not displayed in UI for 1.10.0 but are for 1.9.7


I am wondering if someone can explain the expected behaviour of being able to view key-values in the UI when ACL is enabled on v1.9.7 vs 1.10.0.

A folder is created in the key-values menu UI called “myfolder”

I have a role/policy created with the below rules:

key_prefix "myfolder/" {
  policy = "write"
session_prefix "" {
  policy = "write"

On version 1.9.7, using a token with the above role/policy, I am able to see the key/values menu in the UI and the folder “myfolder”

On version 1.10.0, using the same policy and same setup as 1.9.7, I am unable to see the key/values menu on the navigation bar.

Why is this?

Not sure if its related, but does updating to 1.10.1 help?

ref: KV keys created in UI are added one prefix level up · Issue #10502 · hashicorp/consul · GitHub

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately upgrading to 1.10.1 did not fix my issue.

Same issue. I can access the KV and tree if explicitly using the uri (, however the 'Key/Value" link does not show in the UI. Also even though I have write set on a whole key_prefix and can view values with the explicit uri, I cannot update or create sub key’s as the buttons necessary to do so do not exist. Not seeing anything new needed in policy doco with this version.

I have observed goofy behavior when I enable ACL too. version 1.10.1

For some items the “Edit/Delete” popup on the three dot menu shows, sometimes it doesn’t.

(I just started out with enabling ACL, so kept thinking I was doing something incorrect) :expressionless:

Hi all,

We’re tracking this as a bug on Github issue #10944.

There’s a pull request in review to address the issue.

You can subscribe to that issue to be notified of any further updates!