KMIP Secrets Engine - Learn topic wording change

I’m new to the Hashicorp Learn resource - it’s great well done

The KMIP Secrets Engine learn topic was really useful to help me configure MongoDB Enterprise with Vault Enterprise for encryption at rest.

I think one minor tweak to the doc wording is required…

“This tutorial assumes that you already have an instance of MongoDB Enterprise Advanced running.”

…should really say…

“This tutorial assumes that you already have MongoDB Enterprise Advanced installed.”

This is because you do NOT want MongoDB to be running before executing the section’s steps and one of the later steps explicitly starts MongoDB (which will fail if already running).


At the bottom of each of the hashicorp pages, there is an “Edit” link that send you to their github page, where you can make changes and submit it as a pull-request and review.

Thanks for the quick response. Before raising it here I actually looked for something like that but I can’t see any Edit link or icon. What am I missing? (I also ensured I was logged on too in case it needed that)

My apologies, bad assumption on my part. I thought they all had the “Edit” button on the bottom. I guess it’s limited the pages.

For example:

The docs for that learn might be under, if it’s there you can open a link there. Otherwise you can actually open a ticket without a support contract via: