Latest consul-k8s 1.16.0 Crashed After About 10 hours

Hi All,
I’ve been trying to set up (via Helm deploy) latest consul-k8s 1.16.0 on my EKS cluster (1.23). The setup went well and running for about 10 hours or so then the whole deployment went crashing down (consistently after several tries). Since the whole deployment was redeployed after each crash, I couldn’t find any useful info from logs as they are gone.
Anyone else who has experienced this issue? BTW, I have an old version of consul-k8s running (version 1.12.2) and have not had any issue.

Hi @kha7281 in order to help out here we probably need more information about your setup for consul k8s 1.12.2 and 1.16.0. Could you post an issue on Issues · hashicorp/consul-k8s · GitHub with relevant details on how to reproduce. You also should take note of the consul server logs, the connect inject deployment logs, and the sidecar proxy logs assuming you are using mesh.

Thanks David.
Will do

Hi David,
After digging more into our environment, it turned out the issue was not consul-k8s 1.16.0 itself. We use Rancher as a management UI for our cluster as well as its Fleet for managing deployment and based on the fleet agent log, the ‘crashed’ as I mentioned was caused by Fleet deleting the consul-k8s deployment after running for awhile.
Thanks again for your prompt response.