Layer 7 Observability " you do not want to inject Envoy sidecars to your Prometheus and Grafana pods". Why?

Hi all,

As I was going through the observability tutorial I stumbled upon that sentence. Since I want Grafana and Prometheus to run within a secured mesh I need them to inject the envoy proxy, so reading that was/is confusing.

Could someone elaborate why this is mentioned in the tutorial? Is this by design that Prometheus should run outside the mesh?

What can I do to improve my question?

Hi @xeper000 the context for that statement in the tutorial is due to Grafana and Prometheus not being workloads of the mesh, at least not compared to other services registered in the mesh. So to keep the service catalog accurate, we chose to omit adding those two applications as a service. You can however add Envoy as a sidecar should you choose to.

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