Lifecycle ignore_changes for a key in all blocks

Hi there,

I have a resource similar to the below which has a dynamic number of origins blocks based on some environmental overrides:

resource "cloudflare_load_balancer_pool" "delivery-platform" {
  for_each = var.load_balancer_pools

  name = "gcp-delivery-platform-${each.key}"
  description = "GCP Delivery Platform - ${title(each.key)}"
  enabled = true
  minimum_origins = 1
  notification_email = ""

  dynamic "origins" {
  for_each = each.value
    content {
      name = origins.key
      address = origins.value["address"]
      weight = lookup(origins.value, "weight", 1)

  monitor = cloudflare_load_balancer_monitor.ingress-nginx[each.key].id

I’m looking to be able to add a lifecycle rule to ignore changes for the weight key in all origin blocks.

I thought I could perhaps use some sort of splat syntax but that doesn’t seem to be valid:

  lifecycle {
    ignore_changes = [
      // origins[*]["weight"]

The only current workaround I can think of is to add ignore rules for origins [0], [1], [2] etc. up to a sensible number that I don’t think will be exceeded.

Is anyone aware of a better way to achieve this?