Limit job dispatch calls for parameterized batch job?

I accidentally flooded a staging server with a bunch of redundant job dispatch calls. It quickly consumed the available resources on the single client node I had setup and the whole thing fell over. I was able to stop all of the allocations and get it cleaned up, but - what constraints can I put into the job definition to prevent this problem in the future?

Nomad 1.6.1.

Hi @chrismo,

There is not currently a way to limit the number of job dispatch calls. In a future version of Nomad, we do expect to have rate limiting available on all API endpoints, which would help in this situation.

jrasell and the Nomad team

I presume then the scaling stanza wouldn’t apply to a parameterized batch job?

Is there no way for the Nomad server to simply queue or refuse job dispatch calls if there’s no available client resources? If so, that seems strange to me that Nomad would allow a client to be exhausted of resources. But probably I’m just thinking about this in the wrong way?