Limit Vault PKI cert common name to user

Attempting to use Vault PKI engine for user-based certificates, where the common name would be, and users would auth via LDAP to issue the cert. This functionally works using a PKI role with allow_glob_domains = true and allowed_domains = *

How can we restrict this so LDAP user1 can only issue, and LDAP user2 can only issue

Options seem to be:

  1. One role per user where allowed_domains = Poor solution, but could technically work if we develop a process to precreate roles for users. (hundreds to thousands)
  2. Sentinel policy to evaluate common_name against user identity. Seems possible if common_name can be read from the data, but not yet tested, and obviously requires Vault Enterprise.

Ideally this would be a natively supported use case in the role options, or by supporting templating in allowed_parameters. As far as I can tell, ACL templating is still only supported in path statements. If it was supported in allowed_parameters, something like this should work:

“common_name” = ["{{}}"]

Are there other options here? Do people use Vault PKI for user-based certificates?


I was actually attempting to do something similar and ran into the same problem. In my case, I’m using host-based certificates, and I want a host to be able to issue a certificate with same common name as its own as a way of renewing its own certificate without needing additional authentication.

I tried the same type of policy that you highlighted, only to learn that templating only works in paths:

# This does not work
path "pki_int/issue/example-dot-com" {
    capabilities = [ "create", "update" ]
    allowed_parameters = {
        common_name = [ "{{}}" ]

I would also like to avoid solution 1 since I don’t want to have a role for every single user, and am using non-Enterprise.

As far as I see it, there are two ways to enable these kind of uses cases. I’m not sure which is more work because I haven’t looked at Vault’s source yet:

  1. Allow templating in the policies outside of the path, or at least just in allowed_parameters.
  2. Add a field to the role similar to allowed domains that can reference the identity of the invoking user, similar to how you would with a template.

In the mean time, if you’ve found any work-arounds, I’d be curious to hear about them. I’m still evaluating vault, so I may abandon certificates for the time being and use something else for authentication.

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Oh, good news, something I missed when searching the first time: it looks like there’s already some effort to enable some form of templating / referencing identity in the allowed domains of a cert role:

Here’s hoping!

Hi! I have the exact same requirement and blocking problem. I just opened another topic here on it: Vault PKI role to limit CN/SANs to requesting user's identity

Did you ever find a solution/workaround? Even with domain templating it appears it’s impossible to actually limit PKI issuing to a user’s identity when using email