List all gce instances of a project (a.k.a. datasource aws_instances equivalent for gcp)

I need to save the list of all instances of my gcp project into a terraform variable.
On the documentation about the gcp provider I didn’t find any reference on how to do it, but I found that for the aws provider there is a datasource doing exactly this:
How can I replicate this for gcp?

Hello @aalfodel-opengate,

When you were looking through the documentation, did you notice the google_compute_instance reference documentation?

If that does not work for your use case, can you elaborate a bit more on the instance information you want to gather.


Taylor Dolezal

Hello @onlydole,
I’ve already looked through the google_compute_instance documentation, but it doesn’t contains the piece of information I need.
The google_compute_instance datasource provides only data about a single GCE instance.
What I need instead is a datasource providing the list of instances on my project.
On AWS I can use the aws_instances (reference documentation) datasource, but I can’t find the GCP equivalent.

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Howdy @aalfodel-opengate,

Ah! Thank you for clarifying. I don’t see something that directly correlates in GCP, and the closest reference I could find was the compute_instance_group data provider.

Would that work for you, or is there anything else I could help try to find for your context?


Taylor Dolezal

I think you can’t help me if, in Terraform, there isn’t a GCP equivalent for aws_instances.
If so, do you know if such an object is scheduled to be added?

Thank you for your replies !

Apologies I couldn’t be of more help, @aalfodel-opengate!

I don’t know of anything on the roadmap (yet) for that functionality, but I would encourage you to open up a GitHub Issue and the engineering team can take a look!


Taylor Dolezal