List all targets as admin doesn't work


I upgraded to the latest 0.13 but since than I can’t list all the targets.
I have many roles, and I see only the targets that my managed group is a principal but not for the admin role.
My managed group is a principal of the the admin role and my user is part of the managed group.


Hi @ofir.kuperiu, are you trying to list targets in the admin UI or the CLI or the desktop client?
Also, do you want to give permissions to allow the users to connect? Or only read the targets?

In general, if you are trying to list and read all targets, the grant string is:

  • id=*;type=target;actions=read,list

If you are trying to give permission to connect to targets, the grant strings are:

  • id=*;type=target;actions=list,read,authorize-session
  • id=*;type=session;actions=read:self,cancel:self,list

Note: On the desktop client, you cannot only read/list targets, you need to have permissions to connect to targets, otherwise they won’t show up