List of maps in terraform 11 in a module

I am confined to using terraform 11 due to a particular provider.

Here is a specific code example:

What I currently tried unsucessfully:
I am looking for a TF .11 workaround instead of using TF 12+. Any ideas? The overrriden settings does not work as a variable no matter what I try, but if I set it explicitly it works.
TF .11 didn’t have the complex variable handling now available, so I am trying to understand how i can make this functional.

    bios_option = {
     overridden_settings = ["${var.bios_overridden_settings}"]
     manage_bios = true
variable "bios_overridden_settings" {
  type = "list"
  default = [
  bios_overridden_settings = [
      id = "TimeZone"
      value = "Unspecified"
    { id = "MinProcIdlePkgState"
      value = "NoState"