Listen to nomad events, but start at end of stream

When you subscribe to the nomad event stream you can pass in an index of the event you want to start at.
I’m trying to work out how to just start at the end of the stream. The “index” parameter in the API is declared as a uint64, so I naively tried passing in “max uint64”. This doesn’t appear to work.
Looking at the code it’s not clear there’s a mechanism. There seem to be problems in the code from what I can see, in that the index values are uint64, but there is then a calculation of the form “int(index1)-int(index2)” (event_buffer.go, StartAtClosest). This is going to go wrong in various circumstances.

Can someone suggest a way of openning a subscription and just getting new events?

It appears to work that if you pass in math.MaxInt as your index, it starts at the end of the event stream. If you try to pass MaxUint64, the index value being a Uint64, you get a bad request.
Actually, passing MaxInt means you sometimes get the last event generated. I suspect whether you do or not depends on whether the last event generated was in in one of the topics you subscribe to.