Load Balancing and Ingress for Legacy Apps

Hi All,

I’m trying to move a legacy ‘three tier’ application to run using Nomad. today the application uses one each of Apache, Tomcat, and MySQL nodes, hosted directly on virtual machines.

I’d like to replace this with a scalable version that runs on Nomad. For e.g. I may want 2 nodes to serve static content, three Tomcat nodes to balance the application load etc.

What are my options such that file-based configuration can be minimised? I’d like to be able to spin up new worker nodes without requiring to manually edit configuration files. For e.g. Apache => Tomcat communication uses mod_jk, which in turn relies on a properties file. To bring a new Tomcat node online I’d have to edit the appropriate workers.properties file and add an entry pointing to the new node.

Thanks in advance.