Local development workflow with Docker for Mac

What is the recommended workflow for Nomad on macOS?

I’ve got a Dockerfile and want to be able to pull this into Nomad from Docker for Mac. I’ve tried building a local image and setting the image name within Nomad, but it says “Not found” as I assume it’s trying to pull it from Docker Hub.

It’d be appreciated if people share their development workflows. I don’t really want to keep pushing to a remote registry, only to pull it down to the same machine to test the nomad jobs.


Hi Matthew. Nomad looks locally first for Docker images before attempting to pull from Docker Hub. When building the dev Docker image you wish to run, are you adding a non-latest tag? Could you also provide the job specification config snippet also?

Interesting, didn’t know about the latest tag causing issues. Tested again and can confirm when using a non “latest” tag it works as expected. Thanks for your help @jrasell

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