Local tokens are disabled ERROR

During Nomad deployment of a job that uses consul connect; connect-proxy side-car fails with consul_si_token: Unexpected response code: 500 (Local tokens are disabled) although the token replication has been enabled and is working OK. Primary DC is set ACLs enabled with (both on client and servers for that DC:

  datacenter = "sdc"
  primary_datacenter = "pdc"
  acl {
  enabled = true
  enable_token_persistence = true
  enable_token_replication = true
  down_policy = "extend-cache"
  tokens {
connect {

Solved it. Seems that one of the servers didn’t have replication token set. The two others had it so it was failing only if this one was used.

All good after:
consul acl set-agent-token replication xxxxx