Logging plan or apply time plan durring testing

Is there a way to configure the sdk to output this nifty bit of planning?

On diagnosing old failing tests its super difficult to figure out what the difference in the config is or what changes are being actuated without going and doing it myself.

This is especially true for tests running against large configurations.

Hi, just checking on this. Let me know if more clarity is need on the ask or I need to file a feature request ^-^

Hi @ScottSuarez :wave: Thank you for raising this.

The testing framework does not currently support outputting “regular” plan output anywhere, however there is an existing feature request which I believe is similar to what you are asking: Output of Terraform CLI Plan Difference During Acceptance Testing · Issue #698 · hashicorp/terraform-plugin-sdk · GitHub

If not, please feel free to raise another feature request. Thanks!