Loop through availability zones to create subnets

Hi Community :slight_smile:

I am looking for suggestions/advice. We are currently creating 3 subnets which align to 3 AZs in EU-WEST-2. We are now looking to create additional subnets so effectively increasing the count to 6, what we would like is the first 3 subnets to use one of the 3 AZs and then the second 3 subnets to repeat and use one of the 3 AZs.

Below is our current code and we are effectively looking to increase the length(var.vpc-tier-private-cidr) to 6.

resource "aws_subnet" "subnet-tier-private" {
  count                   = length(var.vpc-tier-private-cidr)
  vpc_id                  = aws_vpc.vpc.id
  cidr_block              = element(var.vpc-tier-private-cidr, count.index)
  availability_zone       = element(data.aws_availability_zones.available.names, count.index)

Hope someone can help!!!