Machine Suggestion DevOps / SRE / Cloud Solutionist

I hope, you’re doing well guys.
I’m very much interested in this certification
I’m a beginner here.
I want to start here.
Can you help me by suggesting to me which machine should I used for my DevOps or SRE or Cloud Solution Architect Career goal?

Mac Book Pro or Desktop PC (Linux OS) ???
(if possible, give me a configuration of an IDEAL machine for this task)

My office asks me to give them my preferable machine. They’ll buy it for me.
I’m confused here.
As currently now Lockdown situation, most time I’m working from home.
My office and home distance 2km.
I’ve been working mostly in Windows 10 and sometimes Ubuntu 20.04.
I’m a huge fan of OS look and theme customization.
I fond of huge customization of my working software and OS features
(fonts, themes).

So, which will be the best machine in these scenarios. Advance Thanks.