Major Version Upgrade isn't supported in a single member of a global cluster


I am seeing this error while doing major engine upgrade( Aurora postgress) from version 11.18 to 12.13

Error: Failed to modify RDS Cluster (depdtz-aps-dbd): InvalidParameterCombination: Major Version Upgrade isn’t supported in a single member of a global cluster. Use ModifyGlobalCluster to upgrade all the members. status code: 400, request id: 64f280fb-94d1-4e44-9f9e-39ddfe9a6c4a

Below parameters are set.

  • db_instance_parameter_group_name - (Optional) Instance parameter group to associate with all instances of the DB cluster. The db_instance_parameter_group_name parameter is only valid in combination with the allow_major_version_upgrade parameter.

i have lifecycle policy for aws_rds_cluster_instance and
lifecycle {
ignore_changes = [performance_insights_kms_key_id, engine_version]

Current terraform version 1.2.2