Manage multiple environments DEV STG PROD in Terraform Cloud

I am looking for advice on how to enable terraform cloud builds for multiple AWS accounts and environments.

So far I have used Jenkins for the builds and separated the terraform.tfvars file in different subdirectories, so when building TF i passed in the directory for the environment that I wanted to build i.e. DEV

The advantage was that all my tf code was in root and was the same for all envs (DRY) only the terraform.tfvars file was different

How can I achieve this in Terraform cloud?

I apply the idea described here: Workspaces - Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise - Terraform by HashiCorp.

tl;dr there is no hierarchy like in a file system in Terraform Cloud workspace so the name is structured like <component>-<stage> to create 2 levels structure.

Thanks for that update ohmer.
This seems to be a significant omission in TF Cloud and restricts the usability greatly.

Following the suggestion would mean that I have to create over three times more workspaces and therefore the workspace will become unwieldy (even with filtering)

But thanks for your confirmation.

I found a workable solution

Under my root directory, I created dev stg and live subdirectories
In there I have the params.tfvars file relevant for the stack I want to build

Then in the workspace, I define the following

TF_CLI_ARGS_plan -var-file=./params/dev/params.tfvars

All though I have to create 3 workspace names for the same code I never will have to repeat the terraform code itself.