Manual install for terraform-ls in vscode remote ssh editor

I’m using the vscode ssh remote editor extension to work on virtual machines without internet access. The terraform-vscode plugin can handle installing itself in this scenario but the language server fails to install. I have opened a bug for that here

Does anybody know the steps needed to manually install and update the language server in this situation? I have downloaded the latest binary of the language server and put it at ~/.vscode-server/extensions/hashicorp.terraform-2.2.2/lsp/terraform-ls on the remote system. Running the enable language server command fails when it tries to download from the internet. I have confirmed the vscode settings are set to default. When I attempt to format code in my vscode remote session it just pops up the install formatter dialog.

Please Advise,

I did figure out how to configure this manually as a workaround.

 "terraform.languageServer": {
    "external": true,
    "pathToBinary": "/home/totallyme/.vscode-server/extensions/hashicorp.terraform-2.2.3/lsp/terraform-ls",
    "args": [