Metric "vault_core_unsealed" shows 1 all the time

Dear Ladies and Gentlement,

we are currently testing Hashicorp Vault v1.15.2 in our test AKS cluster (2 Vault Pods for HA). Working on the monitoring in Grafana we realized, that the metric vault_core_unsealed shows the value 1 (unsealed) all the time. Even when the Vault is sealed (through the command “vault operator seal”). The metric never shows the value 0.

I followed this post (Post Link), but unfortunatelly this did not solved the issue.

Any advice is deeply appreciated!

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Diego Ballen Cantor

Cloud Infrastructure Architect

Hi @diego.ballen-cantor ,

How are you collecting metrics from Vault? Are you using an agent like Graphite or using the /sys/metrics API?

Hi @jonathanfrappier ,
the metrics come from Prometheus.

Thanks for confirming, and apologies for the delayed response. I’ve been trying to track down the differences between configuring telemetry in the Vault config vs using the sys/metrics endpoint.

Could you share the config you are using for your Vault cluster(s) so I can see if I can replicate it not updating the vault.core.sealed metric.