Migrate OpenSource vault Storage(file) to S3 or Raft

Hi All,

I am using vault inside my k8s cluster. I am planning to create a new cluster and migrate the existing vault to new cluster. The existing cluster storage is file now:

storage "file" {
        path = "/vault/data"

So I want to migrate all data from here to the S3 bucket or Raft storage without losing any data.
Could someone please help me?

Thanks in Advance.


@aram Thanks for your response. But I am sorry we are not using consul anywhere. Also our vault version is 1.2.2

Migration steps are the same.

1.2.2 is way too old to be supported though. I’d highly recommend upgrading as soon as possible.

@aram The vault which I am using, Alpine is the base image. So I can’t update apk or install consul on that pod. Beacuse sudo is not there/permission denied. So Unable to take a backup from there. Any solution for this?

You can use a AWS S3 as temporarily step to get off of that machine and onto another where you have root access to upgrade. I’d not recommend using S3 as your backend for a live server though.

There are also other remote options check the storage section for any other remote ones.