Migrating from HTTP API to connect


Am I right in thinking that if I am moving from the HTTP API for service discovery to connect I need to change my services to access other services using a port instead of a service name?



Hi @wayne-o,

That is correct, at least in the current stable release.

We will be introducing support for transparent proxying in Consul 1.10 (Feature request: Use iptables to make local proxies more transparent · Issue #23 · hashicorp/consul-k8s · GitHub). This will allow you to address upstream services by their in-cluster DNS hostname instead of re-configuring your app to communicate to a local port exposed by the proxy.

Hi - thanks for getting back to me - it looks like that is a ways off is that right?

We’re targeting a public beta for 1.10 in mid April with the GA release to follow in early May.