Migrating out of Terragrunt


I have a weird issue with migration out of terragrunt. Codebase is old and runs on version 12 of terraform. Infrastructure spins up EKS cluster in AWS using public terraform module + some other extra resources.

Thing is when I managed to get all inputs out of terragrunt and reuse tfstate terraform tries to recreate pretty much all resources.

What is even more weird I have cross-checked data of some resources I mean what terraform want to create and what is in current state and there is no difference at all.
I have no idea why terraform tries to recreate those during plan, even though it shouldn’t really do anything because all resources are present in state.

Running terraform refresh did not help either.

I cannot really run terraform apply because it will recreate all resources and this is not something I can do.

I’m thinking about maybe creating new deployment with new module and updated tf version but how I can copy resources in between both states?
I have done imports before, but not sure if all resources support import function (not all do in all providers).

Any ideas how to approach this problem?