Missing Azure AD Application and Service Principal

I would like to create an Azure AD Application with a corresponding Enterprise Application(Service Principal). Currently i am using the latest Typescript Azure Provider.

In HCL those resources are called “azuread_application” and “azuread_service_principal” but i cant find them in the Typescript .gen folder. Is this intended? Am i missing something?

Looks like those resources aren’t part of the main azure provider (azurerm) and our instead part of azuread.

If you change your cdktf.json file to have:

"terraformProviders": [
    "azurerm@~> 2.0.0",
    "azuread@~> 0.11.0"

and run cdktf get, it should generate the additional provider files.

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Awesome! Thank you so much, that did the trick :slight_smile: