Missing required argument in module

I’m Getting this:
Missing required argument
on main.tf line 6, in module “GO-ALB”:
6: module “GO-ALB” {
The argument “Name” is required, but no definition was found.
here is my root files

“aws_lb” “go” {
name = var.Name
internal = false
load_balancer_type = “application”
subnets = [for s in data.aws_subnet.allsubnets : s.id] #
["{data.aws_subnet.allsubnets.*.ids}"] security_groups = ["{data.aws_security_group.allsg.id}"]
tags = {
Name = var.Name
variable “name” {}
variable “Name” {}

My module files
main.tf (relevant section)

provider “aws” {
region = “us-east-1”
module “GO-ALB” {
source = “…/…/…/aws/ec2/ALB/ALB”
name = “${var.Nane}-ALB”
and variables.tf
variable “name” {} for another module
variable “Name” {}

I’m running terraform version v0.12.24
and aws provider v2.58.0
In the other modules i pass the variable name and it works (name=var.name)
but any other variable doesn’t work

In your module’s variables.tf file you are declaring that you need both a name variable and a Name variable supplied, and you are not supplying Name so Terraform is telling you that.

Thanks to your reply
I figured it out