Mixing loops and module outputs

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to render ‘N’ kubernetes secrets. We use a legacy module called my_certificates defining two outputs: certs and keys

I tried to use a for_each loop but I’m in trouble interpolating each.key in the output:

suppose the following domains

domains = ["example1-com","example2-com"]

This obviously fails:


And this renders a string (not valid as it does not render content):


What I’m trying to get with this loop:


Here’s my code:

resource "kubernetes_secret" "certificates" {
  for_each = toset(var.domains)
  metadata {
    name      = each.key

  data = {
    "tls.crt" = module.my_certificates.certs.${each.key}
    "tls.key" = module.my_certificates.keys.${each.key}

  type = "kubernetes.io/tls"

Thanks in advance,

Hi @lpzdvd-packlink!

If your certs and keys outputs are both maps – which seems to be the case based on what you tried so far – you can use the index syntax to look up an element dynamically, rather than statically as with the attribute syntax:

  data = {
    "tls.crt" = module.my_certificates.certs[each.key]
    "tls.key" = module.my_certificates.keys[each.key]
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Works like a charm.
I am ashamed of having asked something so simple.

Thank you so much !

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