Mixing older version of remote modules with latest Terraform 0.12.20


We use numerous modules with the the source set to source = git://.... However, our remote modules are still on v0.10.8, and I am just trying to add one new independent module using v0.12.20.

I get numerous interpolation warnings and errors such as Error: Unsupported block type and Error: Reference to undeclared input variable.

Is it not possible to upgrade the modules one by one? Isn’t it a big drawback if this upgrade path isn’t supported?

If it is possible, can you please provide some suggestions on how this is achieved? I have googled a bit but have hit no result so far.



You should upgrade your modules to terraform 0.11 first.

Yes, but I do not have control over some of the modules. This basically means I need to have a concerted effort all over the enterprise to coordinate upgrades.