Modifying Resources In Terraform Cloud

Hi Team,
I wanted to know if we can modify a resource from Terraform Cloud.
As of now whenever I’m making any Variable Changes and Deploying a new Run the resource is getting destroyed and creating again. I was wondering rather than redeploying it if we could modify it.
I know we have the prevent_destroy option but that’s not there in Terraform Cloud.

Thanks in advance

Hi @raghavmanchanda68,

The problem you’ve described seems like it belongs to a particular resource type in a particular Terraform provider, rather than being a broad problem with Terraform Core or Terraform Cloud.

Therefore I think it won’t be possible to answer without more information. The most direct way to share the relevant information is to show the full plan that Terraform is producing, including the proposal to replace the object you want to keep, and then hopefully that will show which resource type the problem is with. It would also help to share the configuration that caused that plan, so that it’s clear how the arguments of each resource are connected together.

Hi @apparentlymart,

Thanks for your response, I’m deploying an Azure VM with Terraform Cloud Free Plan. The Object I tried modifying were Storage and the Name of the VM. Let me know if you have any suggestions on that and do share the related links for the same.

Thanks in advance.