Module and provider set up

I am not sure that I can just ask question here, but please help!

I have module setting like this

root module has provider setting like this

provider “aws” {
region = “ap-northeast-2”

provider “aws” {
region =“ap-northeast-2” ( same region)
alias = “security”
profile = “###”
assume_role {
role_arn = " #### " ( this is for security account )
in root setting, everything works find. and i have a module.
it doesn’t have any provider setting to inherit root provider and
it doesn’t have terraform setting neither because it don’t need to be deployed itself.

if i run “terraform plan” , it shows Provider configuration not present.
as i understand, if there are no provider setting, then root module setting is inherited to it

please help me!

Hi @Heeseok-82,

We would need a little more information to know exactly what is going on here, probably a more complete configuration example, and the actual error message you are seeing.

Your default aws provider configuration will be inherited by any module, and the configuration would need to be passed in explicitly in order for any module to use it. Neither of those cases should produce something along the lines of “provider configuration not present”, so I suspect the module configuration has changed and a provider configuration which was previously used is no longer present.