Move azure resource group from one subscription to other

Hello, Is there a way to move an azure resource group from one subscription to another subscription in same tenant using Terraform ? Please help.

I think, this is something you will need to do in the GUI.
And then all the resource Ids will change, so you will probably have to hand-edit the statefile.

Consider carefully if this is something you really need to do, or you can create the config anew in the new subscription. Even if you have to migrate production data and have a bit of downtime, it could be the safer option.

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I have tried using portal and successfully moved the resource group to other subscription. But I was wondering if there is any possibility in terraform to use the same scenario. anyways thanks for the comment bentterp.

Check out aztfmove, a simple tool to move Azure resources based on Terraform state. It does exactly what you are describing, moving resources based on Terraform state to different resource groups or subscriptions in Azure.