Multiple master keys and root token

I have a team of 5 partners. We want to have each of us to have full control over the vault without sharing master keys/root token.
Is it possible to different instances of the vault on the same linux server so individual can have full control over the vault?
is it possible to have one server installation of the vault but each individual can have their own area with master keys and root token?

The requirement is to store sensitive information that can only be owned and used by that individual like auth key to a live trading account.

Anyone who has a root token can access anything. However root tokens generally shouldn’t exist - you only need a root token for a few initial configure tasks, after which it should be revoked. Normally you can then split the key needed to make one again into multiple pieces, so only several people working together can generate one.

Alternatively you can run several totally separate instances, although you’d need to make sure they all have unique port numbers set

I think it’s worth adding that Vault is not designed to be a personal secret store for a single human.

It’s mostly designed for serving the secret management needs of complex software architectures.

Other pieces of software that market themselves as personal password managers are likely a better fit for this use-case.