Multiple stacks with multiple backends


I’m trying to model a cross account stack approach (an administration stack with a local state file for creating the remote state resources, and an environment stack that uses the remote state resources for its state). Whenever I try to do that I get the stack dependency error -

0 Stacks deploying 0 Stacks done 0 Stacks waiting Error: Usage Error: The following dependencies are not included in the stacks to run: cdktf-infra-eventreporting-administration. Either add them or add the --ignore-missing-stack-dependencies flag.

Am I doing this incorrectly?

Code -


import { Construct } from "constructs";
import {App, LocalBackend, S3Backend, TerraformStack} from "cdktf";
import {S3Bucket} from "@cdktf/provider-aws/lib/s3-bucket";
import {AwsProvider} from "@cdktf/provider-aws/lib/provider";
import {S3BucketVersioningA} from "@cdktf/provider-aws/lib/s3-bucket-versioning";

class AdministrationStack extends TerraformStack {
  public terraformStateBucket: S3Bucket;

  constructor(scope: Construct, id: string) {
    super(scope, id);

    new AwsProvider(this, "AWS", {
      region: "us-west-1",

    new LocalBackend(this, {
      path: "./terraform.tfstate"

    // define resources here
    this.terraformStateBucket = new S3Bucket(this, "terraformStateBucket", {
      bucketPrefix: "hts-eventreporting-terraform-state-",

    new S3BucketVersioningA(this, "terraformStateBucketVersioning", {
      versioningConfiguration: {
        status: "Enabled"

interface MyStackProps {
  remoteStateBucketName: string

class MyStack extends TerraformStack {
  constructor(scope: Construct, id: string, myStackProps: MyStackProps) {
    super(scope, id);

    // define resources here
    new S3Backend(this, {
      bucket: myStackProps.remoteStateBucketName,
      key: "mystack"

const app = new App();
const administrationStack = new AdministrationStack(app, "cdktf-infra-eventreporting-administration");
const myStack = new MyStack(app, "cdktf-infra-eventreporting", {