Need help how to automatic VMVagrant

Hi everyone im Cassio and i started use vagrant for develop im my company and i want know if have any way to start vagrantVm automatic when the server is up.
I will wait for you help.

And the second question is
My server have 3 adapters network ( enp5s0, docker0 br-7db4334)
Always when i do vagrant up, he said to Which interface should the network bridge to?
I use enp5s0 adapter to bridge with VM,
How i can keep this fase and choose automatic the interface enp5s0.

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Vagrant is not designed to run as a daemon, so if you want to enable autostarting your vms you will have to configure something like a cron to vagrant up them.

@reboot vagrant up

Concerning your second question: did you tell vagrant which interface to use as default?

How i do that ?
to choose default interface

By reading the docs behind my link and using

"public_network", bridge: "en1: Wi-Fi (AirPort)"