Need Help - Passing TF and Provider version from parent to child

I need some help understanding why one would want to pass in the terraform version and provider version from a parent to a child module. What would happen if let’s say you pass a provider version from your parent module to the child module but the version is to recent for your configuration. Wouldn’t you have to go back into that child module to fix and troubleshoot?

I’m just trying to understand what the proper use case is here for this situation.

I also need help figuring out how to actually pass them from the parent to the child as well, so if anyone has any links they could refer me to would be much appreciated.


Hi @user80238a9,

I’m not really sure how to answer your question because Terraform does not offer any way to “pass a provider version”: each module should include its own provider requirements which describe a set of provider versions that particular module is known to be compatible with, and that’s a property of the module itself, rather than something its calling module can know.

However, I suspect this probably a disagreement of terminology. If you can show some examples of what behavior you have seen that’s confusing then I can hopefully explain it and include some links to the definitions of that behavior so that you can see the typical terminology used to describe it.