Need help to understand the best way to automate tfvars file creation

Hi Team, we have a requirement where we have to automate tfvars file creation . could any one suggest the best possible way to do the same or any one implemented this in there project.

If you are trying to write a .tfvars file, and find this difficult because your programming language does not have a convenient HCL writer library, then you should take advantage of Terraform also supporting .tfvars.json files, fulfilling the same purpose, but being written in JSON rather than HCL.

I would echo the recommendation to use .tfvars.json files.

The JSON form of a “tfvars” file is actually not really a special format at all but rather just a plain JSON document where:

  • The top-level value is a JSON object.
  • All of the properties of that top-level JSON object have names that match variables declared in the root module.
  • The JSON values you assign to each top-level property are convertible to match the type constraints declared for each of the variables.

All standard JSON-generating libraries should hopefully be able to produce a document in this format. Then you can just write that result to a file with the .tfvars.json suffix and Terraform will use the suffix to detect that you intend that file to be interpreted as JSON rather than as the normal syntax.