Netapp ONTAP onprem provider needed

Dear community,
I am a Terraform Newbie and need some help or hints that points me to the right direction.
I am working in a project to integrate Terraform in our hosting environment.
I need to find a provider that works with onprem Netapp SAN for creating SVMs and volumes. So far I only found providers for Azure, GCP and AWS.
Thx in advance Sven

Hi @sven-d,

There are no HashiCorp-maintained providers for NetApp, but assuming you mean the NetApp that’s at it seems that this organization is a HashiCorp partner and has published a set of providers.

I’m not personally familiar with this system or with any of these providers so I can’t say whether one or more of these will be sufficient for what you intend to do, but hopefully you can review the documentation for each provider to understand whether it supports the kinds of objects you’d like to manage with Terraform.

I’m not sure if there are any third-party providers that offer additional functionality related to NetApp.