New concise diff renderer

@alisdair looking at the new concise diff renderer PR, it seems it only impacts the textual output and not the actual plan files.

Is this correct?
Also, is the plan to keep it like this, and not make any changes to the plan files?

I’m asking as we’re relying on the plan outputs for our own product (Indeni Cloudrail).

The concise diff rendering changes do not affect the plan files, only the text UI.

However, the binary plan file format is not intended to be used for integrations, and it can be changed at any time. The JSON plan output is our stable integration interface for working with Terraform plans.

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Makes sense. We’re using the binary format because we don’t have a better option. Following up on Notification Configurations API missing "planned"? - we will create a feature request and it will be clearer what we’re doing here and why. Hopefully we’ll be able to collaborate on getting into a future Terraform version.