New Event not triggered

I just trying out the new Event feature in Vault, but getting into some problems.

Here is the current state:

  • Vault deployed on Cloud Run
  • Vault version 1.15.4
  • Using GCP Bucket as the storage solution
  • Typescript websocket running locally
  • The websocket connection is successful

On the Vault log debug side, I get the following message

  • 2024-01-15T19:12:53.830Z [DEBUG] Got request to: url="/v1/sys/events/subscribe/kv-v2/*" version=HTTP/1.1

  • 2024-01-15T19:12:53.831Z [DEBUG] WebSocket is subscribed to messages: namespaces=[""] event_types="kv-v2/*" bexpr_filter="""

On the Websocket client side, I receive the “open” event and recurrent "ping` event

Custom policies are set as

path "sys/events/subscribe/*" {
    capabilities = ["read"]

path "secrets/*" {
    capabilities = ["list", "read", "subscribe"]
    subscribe_event_types = ["*"]

path "kv/*" {
    capabilities = ["list", "read", "subscribe"]
    subscribe_event_types = ["*"]

However, the following command doesn’t trigger an event:

vault kv put -mount=kv fooe abc=2323

Any idea why the event isn’t triggered ?