New to hashistak need help with consul + vault + nomad

hi, there, i am learning how to use hashistack for microservice with vault + consul + nomad + traefik on a vm hosting docker.
since now i have 3 consul server, 1 vault, 3 nomad nodes and 3 nomad workers, but i have something wrong, in consul i see this:
on nomad i have this:

when i try to run a job i got a driver failure:

root@42d666aa7788:/nomad# cd jobs/
root@42d666aa7788:/nomad/jobs# nano excalidraw.hcl
root@42d666aa7788:/nomad/jobs# nomad run excalidraw.hcl 
==> 2024-04-16T23:42:02Z: Monitoring evaluation "30e1ab8e"
    2024-04-16T23:42:02Z: Evaluation triggered by job "excalidraw"
    2024-04-16T23:42:03Z: Allocation "ad3ce190" created: node "e54411b0", group "tools"
    2024-04-16T23:43:01Z: Allocation "ad3ce190" status changed: "pending" -> "failed" (Failed tasks)
    2024-04-16T23:44:23Z: Evaluation within deployment: "0a8b28a6"
    2024-04-16T23:44:23Z: Allocation "a1ebcc20" created: node "e54411b0", group "tools"
    2024-04-16T23:44:23Z: Evaluation status changed: "pending" -> "complete"
==> 2024-04-16T23:44:23Z: Evaluation "30e1ab8e" finished with status "complete"
==> 2024-04-16T23:44:23Z: Monitoring deployment "0a8b28a6"
  ⠴ Deployment "0a8b28a6" in progress...
    ID          = 0a8b28a6
    Job ID      = excalidraw
    Job Version = 2
    Status      = running
    Description = Deployment is running
    Task Group  Desired  Placed  Healthy  Unhealthy  Progress Deadline
    tools       1        2       0        2          2024-04-16T23:52:02Z
 	Driver Failure 	Failed to start container 8bcb9e6c7177e4a019254c645c745fbf1bd4f0678c56cd944528f7876683c24c: API error (500): driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint excalidraw-ad3ce190-5a5b-d4aa-18e8-ba510f0f0540 (44c2c7bc1e9598263ea4500f03dbec246ed6b90d099d46bc58dbc826724b2d58): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4 bind: cannot assign requested address

all help are welcome, thx in advance, regrds.