Newb - Got setup and need a kick

I have a vault server stood up in my environment and kv enabled. I am interested in sating key/value pairs for now.

[ec2-user@splunk-poc-jump ~]$ vault secrets list
Path          Type         Accessor              Description
----          ----         --------              -----------
cubbyhole/    cubbyhole    cubbyhole_e47ba2d3    per-token private secret storage
identity/     identity     identity_8a818640     identity store
kv/           kv           kv_e2849c16           n/a
sys/          system       system_3135246a       system endpoints used for control, policy and debugging

I want to create a store called spunk where I can store crews in there. So I can:

vault kv put splunk/admin_user un=admin pw=NotHere

It seems that I need to create a store for this?