Newly Imported Security Group ENI Attachment Error

I’m in the process of migrating the management of our entire environment over to Terraform. We have migrated all of our security groups and associated rules, but are running into issues with the security group attachments. The security groups are already attached to the ENIs, via the manual AWS console process. We want to import those attachments and attach any new ENIs going forward via Terraform, leveraging data source lookups and aws_network_interface_sg_attachment resource. Below is how we are importing the ENIs for SG attachment, followed by the errors we are receiving for the hundreds of ENIs we are trying to attach to.


data "aws_network_interfaces" "siteENI" {
count = lookup(var.role_enabled, "site", 0)
filter {
name = "group-name"
values = ["none-${var.site_name}-siteENI*"]

resource "aws_network_interface_sg_attachment" "siteENI" {
count = lookup(var.role_enabled, "site", 0) == 1 ? length(data.aws_network_interfaces.siteENI[0].ids) : 0
network_interface_id = flatten(data.aws_network_interfaces.siteENI[0].ids)[count.index]
security_group_id = aws_security_group.site_security_group[0].id


An execution plan has been generated and is shown below.
Resource actions are indicated with the following symbols:

* create

Terraform will perform the following actions:

module.security_groups.aws_network_interface_sg_attachment.siteENI[0] will be created

* resource "aws_network_interface_sg_attachment" "siteENI" {
  * id = (known after apply)
  * network_interface_id = "eni-07ecebc59abc98d1a"
  * security_group_id = "sg-e4245c82"


Error: security group sg-e4245c82 already attached to interface ID eni-07ecebc59abc98d1a

on ../../modules/security_groups/ line 26, in resource "aws_network_interface_sg_attachment" "siteENI":
26: resource "aws_network_interface_sg_attachment" "siteENi" {

What solutions are available? Any way a terraform import option can be made available?


HI @leonardoauribe
please format TF code section properly enclosing it in triple back-ticks. This helps reading the output.

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Done. Thanks for the help!

Are you using the term importing for use of data source aws_network_interfaces.siteENI ?

Did you run terraform import on àws_network_interface` resource? This could also add the attachment to the state file.