NFS requires host-only network

Win 11 Home Edition
Vagrant 2.3.7
box ‘generic/ubuntu2204’ version ‘4.3.2’
Plugin: vagrant-winnfsd

I am trying to use nfs file sharing however I am getting this error:

NFS requires a host-only network to be created.
Please add a host-only network to the machine (with either DHCP or a
static IP) for NFS to work.

I have tried various suggestions from internet but all have failed with similar message.
Here is my current Vagrantfile configuration:

  # Mount gloss-translation project root folder.
  config.vm.synced_folder "../gloss-translation", "/home/vagrant/gloss-translation", type: "nfs"

  # A private dhcp network is required for NFS to work (on Windows hosts, at least) do |config| :hostonly, ""

  # Configure for application API "forwarded_port", guest: 4300, host: 4305, host_ip: ""

Any help is greatly appreciated.