NLB with pre-defined internal (VPC) IP addresses

The aws_lb examples show how to create a NLB with a set of static elastic IP addresses - which works fine, however as they are EIP’s they are by definition public addresses. The AWS console permits creating an internal only NLB with per-defined static internal addresses, however I’ve not discovered how this would be possible - either in the doco or (in desperation) reading through the providers code.

Existing ALB doco

Does anyone have an example of doing so, or is this something the provider / sdk doesn’t allow?


What happens if you mark it as internal = true
and just give it a list of internal subnets to attach to?

That does work, however does not allow you to specify the IP addresses - which is the goal of creating the nlb.

I see. Hmmm…

Looking at the SDK, it seems you should be able to do subnet mappings using either EIPs or internal ip addresses.

The Terraform docs only mention EIPs but have you tried to specify internal IPs?