No available releases match the given │ constraints ~> 2.12.1, 2.25.2

I am trying to update hashicorp/kubernetes version from ~> 2.12.1 to ~>2.25.2 but it is showing the below error:

Could not retrieve the list of available versions for provider hashicorp/kubernetes: no available releases match the given
│ constraints ~> 2.12.1, ~> 2.25.2

Hi @LataLokhande,

This seems like a correct error because there is can be no version of the provider that belongs to both minor version 2.12 and minor version 2.25 at the same time.

It seems that two modules in your configuration have conflicting version requirements, and so you will need to change those constraints so that all of your modules can agree on at least one module they are compatible with.

You can run terraform providers to obtain a summary of which modules require this provider and which version constraints they are using. I expect that you will need to change the version constraint in at least one module so that its range of supported versions overlaps with the others, but those version constraints might be there for good reason and so you might also need to change that module’s configuration to be compatible with the broadened range of versions.