No Debian packages for the latest releases


Was just working on vault and happened to check the site and noticed there was a v1.6.0… in fact there have been a number of v1.5.x releases in the past few months.

But the Debian repository doesn’t seem to have been updated since v1.4.3…

root@vault:~# cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hashicorp.list
deb buster main

root@vault:~# dpkg -l |grep vault
ii  vault                          1:1.4.3                      amd64        no description given

Is this intentional and Debian packages are no longer supported, or is this a bug?



Hi Ian,

Thanks for posting this, I would classify it as a bug! It looks like you have a package with the 1: epoch, which I believe we removed from the versioning shortly before the official launch (so thank you for being an early adopter :smiley:).

Unfortunately that epoch takes precedence to the version string, and although we removed those versions with an epoch from the repo, if you already had one installed you’d be in the stuck state you’re currently in.

I believe the solution here is to uninstall the vault package, and then apt-get install vault should get you 1.6.0. I think in your current state, apt show vault would probably show the 1.6.0 version too, but if it doesn’t maybe clean the apt cache after uninstalling.

Thanks again for checking out the repos, and I’m sorry that the versioning has caused this inconvenience!

If you have further questions about this or the above solution doesn’t work for you, I’m happy to help



Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the reply! - that worked great! :slight_smile:



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