"no LDAP groups found in groupDN" after vault upgrade


I have upgraded vault from version 0.10.0 to the latest 1.13.2

The only issue I’ve got now is related to the LDAP authentication. I am able to authenticate, but get the following message:

no LDAP groups found in groupDN "OU=PERM,OU=Groups,OU=Support,DC=intra,DC=lan"; only policies from locally-defined groups available

I haven’t changed anything in the configuration (and the vault 0.10.0 works perfectly fine).

I did some testing with different versions and 1.11.9 works fine and the problem starts with version 1.11.10

Any hints?


Many people have reported this known regression, please see Regression 1.13.2: "no LDAP groups found in groupDN" · Issue #20416 · hashicorp/vault · GitHub


Thanks, that fixed my issue
You’re a star!!!