No module delared in root module, i m getting this error

This error means that on those lines (40, 66, 67) you are referencing module resources in your Terraform code which it cannot resolve (that are not part of this Terraform module/configuration and therefore it does not know about).

As a simple and contrived example:

resource "azurerm_resource_group" "myresourcegroup" {
    name = "myResourceGroup"
    location = "East US"

output "resource_group_name" {
    value =

output "unknown_resource_group_name" {
    value = # <-- This resource is not known

The first output block references the azurerm_resource_group.myresourcegroup resource which is defined in the module and will successfully return the name of that resource in the output.

The second output block references the azurerm_resource_group.wibble which is not defined in the module and therefore will fail with a similar error to what you are seeing.

Any references to resources/data resources/modules/locals/variables in your module must reference such an item that is defined in your module. If it is not defined in your module then it cannot be referenced.

Without further information (e.g… code / minimal reproducible example) it is not possible to expand on this answer further.

Also, as some future guidance it is typically not good to post a picture of a screen when requesting assistance. Ideally post the code or text directly (formatting the text using code formatting blocks as needed) or, if this is not possible (or not going to provide sufficient information), post a screen shot directly.
This makes viewing and interacting with the information provided much easier for those helping.

Hope that helps.

Happy Terraforming