Node excluded because "${attr.consul.version} semver >= 1.7.0"

Following the official tutorial, when deploying the example nodejs application, Waypoint errors out with:

* Constraint "${attr.consul.version} semver >= 1.7.0": 1 nodes excluded by filter

And my consul version is above 1.7.0 (at 1.12.0). Mind you the setup in the tutorial does not use consul at all.

full debug logs here:
full focal -vvv waypoint deploy log
archlinux full debug

and I filed a github issue with more details.

I have the same errors following this other tutorial. Same consul version and error. May try to go back a version or two in Nomad and Consul and see what happens.

I was able to get past this by starting the consul agent elsewhere:

consul agent -dev

and then restarting nomad and re-running the example job

Hey all - if you are experiencing an issue related to this question, please direct the conversation over to the issue opened on the GitHub project: Nomad 1.3.0: Node excluded because "${attr.consul.version} semver >= 1.7.0" · Issue #3376 · hashicorp/waypoint · GitHub

Thank you!

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