Nomad 1.3.5, 1.2.12, and 1.1.18 Released

The Nomad team is excited to announce Nomad 1.3.5!

Major new improvements and bug fixes in Nomad 1.3.5 include:

  • cgroups: use cgroup.kill interface file when using cgroups v2 [GH-14371]

  • consul: Reduce load on Consul leader server by allowing stale results when listing namespaces. [GH-12953]

  • cli: Fixed a bug where forcing a periodic job would fail if the job ID prefix-matched other periodic jobs [GH-14333]

  • template: Fixed a bug that could cause Nomad to panic when using change_mode = “script” [GH-14374]

  • ui: Revert a change that resulted in UI errors when ACLs were not used. [GH-14381]

Please see the changelog for details.

Along with Nomad 1.3.5, we’re also releasing Nomad 1.2.12 and 1.1.18 with a list of backported bug fixes. See the 1.2.12 changelog and 1.1.18 changelog for more details.


The Nomad Team

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